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EPISODE: The Well of Forever



WRITER: Fiona Avery

DIRECTOR: Janet Greek

General Thoughts

This was a great episode. The characters were all well represented, except for Dr. Chambers. The first half of the episode was good and I was shocked when Galen betrayed the crew, maybe there's more to Galen then what meets the eye. The episode continued and it was great... Then suddenly as the end came I was horrified at the anti-climamatic feel of it. The ending just felt pointless, almost like the entire episode should have been forgotten because it served NO purpose. Luckly the B-Plot saved the day...

Thoughts on the B-Plot

The 'B-plot' of the episode was the shining glory of it. It not only revealed a little more about the new 'Psi Corp.' It seems that corruption has not disappeared from the Psi Corp, it's only been covered up very neatly...

Matheson proved to be more then a nodding first officer in this episode, showing that he did have fear of something. I felt for his pain especially during scan by Mr. Jones. I'm guessing though that we've proabably not seen the last of him...(provided that Crusade is picked up for a Season 2.)

Thoughts on the Music

Chen's music had no really BIG moments. (Not that, that's a bad thing.) He acted well, working as a nice undertone to the episode.