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Welcome to Stellar Communications TM proud sponsors to the Interstellar Alliance and the Earth Alliances ship Excalibur as well as the Anla'Shak Rangers.

Times are horrible on Earth, but despite these problems we must move on: to finding the cure. Remember, as long as the plague threatens humanity we will sponsor and look for the cure. We will provide for information on the current status of the search. Never expected this from a communications company? Well maybe then you should look for more in a communications company. After all, we are Stellar Com TM

"Stellar Com: Proud Sponsors of the Search"

If your a fan of Crusade, Babylon 5, Star Wars, Star Trek or ANYTHING that has to do with Sci Fi then check out my site: Destiny. An original series by Oliver Barsalou. Also prepare for Stellarcom 2.0 which I'm now beginning to work on and should have up by November 15th (and at a new location), sorry for the lack of updates.

Last Update: August 28th, 1999

Added a link to which is an excellent site for all Sci Fi Fans.

Update: August 18th, 1999

I've modified the the Updates Page and the News Page with news on the ratings,the couples of Crusade, a little information on Dureena, Gideon and information on the cast and what are the chances of them coming back to Crusade if it's picked up.