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New Information

News from August 18th, 1999

Information from the Crusade Writer's Bible and More...

It seems that Lt. Matheson and Dr. Chambers could be a possible couple, not to mention Galen and Dureena (and need we remind you of Gideon and Lochley?) Thanks Glori

Dureena's Past

When Dureena was a child she was sold by her family to pay of some debts. This is the reason Dureena was offworld when the Shadows destroyed Zander Prime. Eventually she got and her freedom and became part of the Thieves Guild.

Gideon the Technomage

Could Gideon become a technomage? The Writer's Bible seems to hint that Gideon someday may become a technomage because of Galen. The bible also hints this was Galen was destined to rescue Gideon when the EAS Cerebus was destroyed.

The Current Nielsen Ratings:

Warzone: 1.9

The Long Road: 1.4

The Well of Forever: 1.2

Path of Sorrows: 0.8

Patterns of the Soul: 1.3

Ruling from the Tomb: 1.3

The Rules of the Game: 1.0

Appearences and Other Deceits: 1.3

Racing in the Night: 1.2

The Memory of War: 1.3

As you read this you may think these ratings are horrible. However, the ratings are remarkable considering that TNT has done no advertising for the show. 1.3 which seems to the average rating is actually a pretty good rating considering that the most shows on TNT get a much lower ratings. Maybe this steady viewing will bring on even better ratings as the last three episodes of Crusade loom on the horizon...
The Cast of Crusade: If the show is picked up will they come back?

If your interested about hearing about what's happening with the cast of Crusade here's a great Source

Old News

News from August 8th, 1999

Some Secrets of the Apocalypse Box...

According to legend there is not only one Apocalypse Box (the one that Captain Gideon owns) but five other Apocalype Boxs. This making at six boxes in total. Owning one though, however, comes with a price, death under strange and mysterious circumstances.

There is something living inside each of these boxes, something just as old as the box. It'll even answer some questions. Usually the Box will answer your questions truthfully. But it will lie to it's owner every so often...

The Happenings of those from Babylon 5

I just received in the mail the 'Crusade Writer's Bible!' Here are a few tidbits about what happened to some characters from Babylon 5

Lennier: Killed in 2265 during the telepath crises.

Lyta Alexander: During the Telepath war founded a force to destroy the Psi Corp, she to was killed during the crises.

Michael Garabaldi :Still in charge of Edgars Industries, and still after the not yet caught Bester...

Ratings for Crusade keep Coming In:

News from July, 16, 1999

Today some good news and some bad news; first, the good: Episode 5 of Crusade, "Patterns of the Soul" received a rating of...1.3!!! It gets better however, Episode 4 "The Path of Sorrows" received a 1.0! (Not exactly high but Path's original airing was only a 0.8). (Thanks ISN News ).

And now the bad news:

I'm sorry to say that it is mid-July. For with that the cast of crusade contract's expire. This makes it EVEN harder to maybe bring back Crusade because of the possibility of actors being too busy to return to a POSSIBLE second season of Crusade. Even if we fans can bring back Crusade, the actors may not return...

News from July, 8th, 1999 Ratings for episode 4, Path of Sorrows are in. Due to being after the NBA Draft this episode only received a O.8, basicly the same rating that most Crusade reruns are getting nowadays...

Too bad the ratings of Crusade are getting "blown away" like the Psi Corp...

At the moment nothing much to report. However here are a few interesting tidbits:

The last episode written by JMS was "End of the Line" sort of ironic. Check out the Prophecy page for some speculation.

Crusade's third episode, "The Well of Forever" Nielsen rating was a 1.2, unfortuantly this was even worse compared to "The Long Road"'s 1.4 and the pilot episode, "Warzone"'s 1.9, news on "The Path of Sorrows" ratings are forth-coming.